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telecommunications in Russia

Original developing and modern functionality.

Extremely digital telecom

Digital telecommunication systems from create to manufacture

About company

For 27 years, develops, manufactures and supplies telecommunication equipment and software for transport and trunk communication networks

Basis competencies

Around 40,000 units were produced and 3 people for technical support. The service life of equipment is at least 20 years.

"Polar Lights" Project

Construction of long underwater fiber-optic communication lines between Europe and Asia

New equipment

The equipment meets all safety standards and is suitable for a global digital transformation.


- Developer, manufacturer and supplier of telecommunication equipment for the construction of transport networks and information access networks based on OTN / WDM / SDH / PDH / IP technologies.

- Promptly modifies equipment in accordance with the requirements of customers.

- Regularly carries out internal and external research and development for the evolution of product line.

- Over 26 years, put more than 40,000 pieces of equipment. Equipment service life not less than 20 years.

"Polar Lights" shines all over the world

SUPERTEL has developed a unique project which is a complex of equipment for underwater fiber-optic communication lines with the data transfer rate of up to 100 Gbit per lambda.

Basis competencies

- Transport networks equipment (NG SDH) up to STM-64 capable of working in networks with spectral multiplexing (WDM)


- Measuring equipment for telecommunication interface signal parameters

- Multifunctional equipment for OTN networks (OTU-1/2/4) with DWDM

- Multiservice access network equipment with a wide range of interface terminations

- Network management systems for PDH/SDH/OTN/WDM/IP equipment

- Field single-mode fiber optical cable


It is a synchronous digital hierarchy multiplexer with the linear transmission rate from 155 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s which forms E1 channels of 2.048 Kbit/s and Ethernet channels


It is a backbone router for deploying fixed broadband multiservice SPDs based on the TCP / IP protocol stack. The modern technology of multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) is applied.


It is a channel-forming equipment based on the technology of spectral multiplexing DWDM channels and optical transport networks (OTN) with an implemented input/output unit for spectral ROADM channels. OPTIPAK-2 provides reception and transmission of up to 80 spectral channels with the speed of 100 Gbit/s in each one